Get outside and #GoFish.

In 2020, I never could have imagined I would have the opportunity to relearn how to fish.  As was the case for me is the case anytime you see a child’s face and eyes light up as they learn, it’s communal, exciting and sacred.  Being in the outdoors makes our lives more fulfilling and better than when we’re stuck inside.

Creating lifelong memories, building traditions with friends and family as well as passing down knowledge to those we spend time with, are just a few of the ways that make our sport the best.

As we grow our understanding of how to fish, it’s also important to learn more about how to enjoy the great outdoors.  At Bassmaster, we want to illustrate and teach everyone how important cooking, good food, camping, kayaking, hiking and boating are to enjoying what’s right outside.  Truth be told, you don’t need to keep score, you just need to keep devotion towards the lifestyle.


In 2021, we’re making a conscious effort to teach everyone, both big and small, why getting outdoors is for the best.  In 2021, we encourage you to unplug, get outside, enjoy the outdoors and #GoFish.

Timothy Burke Sullivan

Chief Revenue Officer





For every angler, fishing is a LIFESTYLE.


The Bassmaster #GoFish initiative captures the passion that fuels early mornings, long drives and countless stories all in one place on Bassmaster.com. From grilling to fitness and camping to kayaking, #GoFish embodies everything that is good about the great outdoors. Making lifelong memories, creating family traditions that are passed down to the next generation, and above all else, discovering unbounded opportunities to make life even more enjoyable.

That's #GoFish.

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Elite Series pro Chris Zaldain and his wife Trait are partnering with Bassmaster for a first-ever YouTube channel series that empowers brands to reach consumers through the Bassmaster digital and social channels.


“Zaldaingerous” follows the behind-the-scenes life of the Zaldains and their videographer Mack. Purely organic, unscripted and spontaneous, the series is fun, educational and shows a side of professional bass angling never seen before.


Series Promotion:

Social posts by both Bassmaster and the Zaldains to their 1.85 million combined social media followers to promote the show housed on both the Bassmaster and Zaldain YouTube channels.


Bi-weekly Cadence:

  • Monday: Social media push

  • Tuesday: Episode drops on YouTube with simultaneous YouTube chat during the show with the talent

  • Tuesday: Facebook and Instagram posts when show drops with link back to YouTube channel

Engage anglers with a year-long

custom lifestyle video series.





Explore life on the road with the pros, and behind-the-scenes,

all-access content that follows the unique aspects traveling as a pro angler. As practically full-time RVers, we learn how they make the most of their camping experience when traveling on the tour.



Photo galleries 

  • Tricked out RVs showcasing gear and tackle and how it’s all packed, what’s inside and more. How the pros adapt their RVs for the job.

Video (long form, short form)

  • One-on-one organically themed videos with the angler/wife in a relaxing, casual format. 


  • Column with a pro with the editorial focus on how he/they live the RV lifestyle.





Many of the Bassmaster Elite Series pros choose rental vacation homes over hotel rooms to relax in a home-like setting, while eating healthier and tastier foods cooked by themselves. This organically creative lifestyle series provides brands with an opportunity to align with our audience through reality-themed backyard cooking and life on the road.


Chef, restaurant owner and Bassmaster Opens angler Jimmy Kennedy hosts this YouTube series from his farm and home in Vermont. Being outdoors is the fundamental essence of cooking, and food, and bringing it from farm (and water) to table is the idea. Brands have the opportunity to align with the Bassmaster audience through product placement and more.



  • Photo galleries ​

  • Video (long form, short form)​

  • Articles​

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Bassmaster Elite Series pros burn as much as 3,600 calories during a competition day. That’s why many pros stay fit with regular exercise and healthy eating. Like any athlete, a well-tuned body gives them an edge at game time.


  • Photo galleries

    • All access/behind the scenes videos of the pros at various locations on the tour

  • Video (long form, short form)

    • Exercise videos featuring Bassmaster Elite Anglers (Example: Carl Jocumsen pictured)

    • Lifestyle focused on how/why our anglers put a priority on fitness/exercise

  • Articles:

    • Nutrition and fitness focused columns with pros who are part of the above content

  • Podcasts:

    • Dietician, physician, fitness expert/trainer



Franchise Opportunities

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Franchise Opportunities

The Top 100 Best Bass Lakes is a ranking of the nation’s best bass fisheries and appears as an annual franchise in the July/August issue of Bassmaster magazine. Rankings are decided by regional industry insiders who review data consisting of research from writers, B.A.S.S. Nation conservation directors and state agencies in charge of fisheries as well as bass tournament data from the last 12 months.


Ownership of the 100 Best Bass Lakes Franchise in:

  • Print

  • Digital

  • Sweeps Component​


Franchise Opportunities




An opportunity to align one brand with an

Elite tournament franchise across

every media extension.

Baits are important but what about the tactics, techniques used to catch the fish? Answers to those questions are covered in detail within Winning Ways, a long-standing Bassmaster franchise that reaches and engages every reader, follower and fan.


Sponsorship Details

  • Print ads in Bassmaster Magazine

  • Franchise branding in B.A.S.S. Times Magazine

  • Digital sponsorships via ad units

  • Branding within Elite LIVE

  • Title sponsorship of Winning Ways television programming

  • :30 commercial schedule in all television programming




Digital Opportunities





Digital Opportunities

Takeovers with high impact units:

  • Home Page Roadblocks, Channel Mains

  • Newsletters: weekly editorial, B.A.S.S. Nation monthly, Promotional eblasts

  • Social Programs, Promotional Packages


Editorial Franchises

  • Day on the Lake (expanded print)

  • 1-Minute Angler weekly video series

  • Beginner’s Tackle Box

  • Top 100 Best Bass Lakes

  • Gear Reviews

  • Daily Limit weekly lifestyle column

  • Industry News

  • Tackle Tip Tuesday


Angler Content

  • Profile Pages 

  • Columns  

  • 5 Favorites, 7 Questions

  • Elite Boat Tours

  • Man Caves

  • Truck Tours, Garages 

Content Categories

  • Conservation/Grass Roots

  • Gear, Product Launches


  • Kayak

  • Lifestyle




Digital Opportunities

2021 Elite Season

  • Elite LIVE Packages

  • LIVE In-show Features, Thursday Cameras

  • Facebook Live pre-show

  • Elite Event Packages

  • Elite BASSTrakk

  • Elite Blogs


Classic LIVE Sponsorships

  • Daily Home Page Roadblocks

  • Classic Main Page

  • Daily Leaderboard Sponsors

  • Live-stream Weigh-in

  • Classic BASSTrakk

  • Classic LIVE Daily Sponsorships

  • Classic Facebook LIVE Pre-show


Opens Series

  • Event Packages

  • Run of Opens content including BASSTrakk

B.A.S.S. Nation

  • Channel Mains

  • Event Packages

  • Run of Nation, Conservation content



Kayak Series

  • Event Packages

  • Editorial features

  • Run of Kayak content



College Series

  • Event Packages

  • Run of Youth content

  • Social opportunities



High School, Youth Series

  • BASSTrakk

  • Run of High School + Youth content



Digital Opportunities






My First Tournament Experience 

“I got lost trying to find the weigh-in.” “I was so nervous I got sick on the first morning.” B.A.S.S. world champions and tour veterans tell their stories and show photographs of their first events. Funny, embarrassing and brought down to the reality that everybody has to start from the ground up, this series provides brands with the opportunity to be part of the connection between the fans and the pros.


What’s in my Tacklebox? 

A brand’s sponsored anglers will choose lures that they will use at Elites and Opens. Bassmaster will turn these videos on the day before the tournament begins. Branded video and pre-roll. Videos play on Bassmaster.com on Thursday/Day 1


Weekend Pro Tips Series

The pros are constantly looking for a competitive edge, and weekend anglers can get the inside scoop for the lures they can use to catch fish NOW. Elite Series pros reveal tips and lures that can also be used by the average angler during that same weekend (or season) — to catch fish on their home lake.


Digital Opportunities





3 Man:

  • Choose 3 anglers per day (biggest bags carrying distinction)

  • Total weight = total points for the day

  • Players can only pick 3 anglers per day per tournament to keep it “fresh and fair”

  • Most points at the end of the tournament wins a prize pack and each tournament will have a different winner

  • The player with the most total points (weight) at the end of the season will be awarded the grand prize provided by the "3 Man" title sponsor

Drain the Lake:

  • Survival Pool for the entire tournament season

  • Each player gets to use the entire field for the whole season and can pick 8 anglers per tournament

  • Total weight = Total Points

  • After the 8 anglers are chosen they can’t be used by the contestant again for the remainder of the year

  • Tournament winners receive double points

  • Classic winner receives triple points

  • Top 3 for the Season receive the top prizes

Title Sponsorship for each game includes:

  • Incorporation of sponsor name/logo in the official game logo

  • Brand promotion via:

  • Bassmaster.com Fantasy Fishing gaming site

  • Fantasy Fishing digital promotional ads

  • Multiple Fantasy Fishing print ads in Bassmaster and B.A.S.S. Times magazines

  • Fantasy Fishing e-blasts and email newsletters

  • Fantasy Fishing Facebook page

  • Fantasy Fishing social post (Sponsor to receive handshake in all promotional posts)

  • Mentions at Elite event and on stage at the Bassmaster Classic

  • Mentions in Bassmaster radio broadcasts

*Prizes to be determined by Bassmaster and the sponsor

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 12.55.03 PM.jp

Digital Opportunities






The Very Basics

Where do I begin? What tackle do I need? How do I catch fish? Where do I go? This series answers all those questions in a series of super simple articles with photos and illustrations.


Where should I fish?

Just for beginners, this video series demonstrates how to catch fish on a variety of public waters, beginning with urban lakes.


Gear reviews for Beginners 

A monthly review of products designed for beginners, allowing your brand to choose the products, with a maximum retail cost of $50. 


Beginner Thursday

Based on the successful video series, Tackle Tip Tuesday, this video series features Bassmaster Elite Series pros that share tips for beginning anglers, such as how to cast, simple lures to use, how to take a fish off a hook and more.


The Basics

This Instagram series showcases artfully shot photos of fishing gear appropriate for beginners. Educating novices about the basic equipment used to catch fish is the goal.





Digital Opportunities

Doesn't matter if the anglers are pros, joes, celebs or a combination of them all, put two people on the water with a live-stream camera and the entertainment begins. The Bassmaster LIVE cameras roll on the action, never missing the big one that got away, the moment when the plan came together, how the anglers put the pieces of the puzzle together for a successful day on the lake. 

4 Sponsorship Packages Available for 2021

Exclusive Title sponsorship of one LOTL via

  • :15 pre-roll

  • Handshake within social posts promoting the event they title

  • Handshake within post-event social posts sharing a LOTL clip

  • Title branding within promotional eblast sent day of event with other sponsors listed as supporting


Each sponsor also receives

  • 25% SOV of :30 commercial spots within LOTL show for length of series

  • 25% SOV of banner ads around LOTL show for length of series

  • 25% SOV of the LOTL video series published on Bassmaster.com 

  • 25% SOV of the Day on the Lake print franchise published on Bassmaster.com (content expanded online)

  • 25% SOV of photo galleries from each live event?


+ supporting media across Bassmaster.com 





Digital Opportunities

A team of Bassmaster experts have created a

one-stop-shopping experience on Bassmaster.com to help you check those gifts off your list. Fishing today is a highly specialized sport with lures, rods, reels and lines all designed to work together for the best chances of catching more and bigger fish. With the help of gift guides, pro angler must haves and sweepstakes, Bassmaster is putting the "ho ho ho" in hooked on fishing this holiday season.


Welcome to the Fishing Pole!  

  • Holiday Gift Guides​

  • Presents from the Pros:

    • Elite Anglers feature their favorites

  • 12 Days of Christmas:

    • Sweepstakes*

  • Social Video Series Centered around Holiday Celebrations

  • Holiday Newsletters​​


*2 month lead time needed for sweepstakes rules development

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Digital Opportunities






The Bassmasters TV series launched in 1984 on TNN: The Nashville Network, where it was a rating hit for 16 years.


This series allows a brand to align with the legacy of the early shows, narrated, written and produced by Bob Cobb, the first editor of Bassmaster Magazine.


The episodes are “lost” because they have not been seen since their original air dates through the late 80s and throughout the 90s. Viewers are treated to historic events, catches and backstories of the Bassmaster Tournament Trail, not seen in decades.

The series will be delivered through the Bassmaster social channels and Bassmaster.com



Become the title sponsor of the Bassmaster Studios with branding on our main desk and our “Garage” studio at our JM Production Studio in Little Rock, Ark.


For desk branding, brands will receive:

  • Visual branding on the set desk and the screen behind the hosts

  • Audio branding

  • Airs on ESPN2, ESPN Classic, the ESPN app and Pursuit Channel  via The Bassmasters TV programs, LIVE programming segments and other various angler interviews

For the garage branding, brands will receive:

  • Branding via the naming of the “Garage” with audio mentions as well

  • 12 how-to segments (1x per month) 

  • Background staged with brand memorabilia, signage or parts

  • Garage content used on LIVE programming, on Bassmaster.com and on Bassmaster social media.




4.5MM Readers


250+ hours of Classic, Elite & College programming

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14MM Average Monthly Page Views