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The B.A.S.S. Nation is a global network of locally organized clubs whose members participate in and support a range of activities, including tournaments, conservation initiatives and youth programs. Three competitors, who qualify through a rigorous series of local and regional tournaments and then the national championship, advance to bass fishing’s biggest stage, the Bassmaster Classic.

Title Sponsorship includes:

Branding via text or series logo in tournament coverage:

  • tournament pages

  • B.A.S.S. Times magazine

  • Social media posts on Facebook and Twitter

Branding on site at B.A.S.S.-run tournaments

  • ID on signage on stage center panel (seen in photo galleries and streaming video)

  • Stage mentions, several times daily

  • Custom trophy with your name in logo, presented to winner

  • Tournament banner to state organizations for local events

  • Opportunity to sell products and promote your brand at events via 20x20 space



  • Opportunity to use B.A.S.S. Nation tournament logo in your marketing materials

  • Opportunity to activate at angler registration (give away promo items, discounts, etc.)

total investment: $75k
$50k media/$50k fee

Anchor 1


Bassmaster consumers are carbonated beverage drinkers.

  • 80% more likely than the average American to drink 1+ carbonated beverages per day.

  • 106% more likely to drink 2+ per day.


They consume sports drinks, too.

  • 81% more likely to consume 4+ per week.

  • 114% more likely to consume 1+ per day.


They rely on energy drinks …

  • 52% more likely than the average American to consume 1+ energy drinks per day.

  • 405% more likely to consume 2+ per day.


… and rehydrate with bottled water.

  • 32% more likely than the average American to drink 4+ bottled waters per day.

  • 42% more likely to drink 5+ per day.


Most important … they are your brand champions!

  • 70% drink Coca-Cola brands.

  • 79% more likely than the avg. American to drink Barq’s.

  • 52% more likely to drink Cherry Coke.

  • 46% more likely to drink Powerade.

  • 41% more likely to drink Vitamin Water.

  • 40% more likely to drink Caffeine Free Diet Coke.

  • 35% more likely to drink Fanta Zero.

  • 27% more likely to drink Caffeine Free Coke.

  • 24% more likely to drink Schweppes.

  • 14% more likely to drink regular Coke.

  • 13% more likely to drink Cherry Coke Zero.

  • 12% more likely to drink Dasani.


34% more likely than the average American to be an influential beverage/soft drink consumer:

  • Deeply familiar with the category.

  • A frequent recommender across broad social networks.

  • Highly trusted.

  • Word of mouth leader for your products.

Source: 2020 MRI Doublebase

2018_Sabine_Rescheduled-2 copy.jpg


Bassmaster is pleased to offer Coca-Cola a major sponsorship designed to increase brand awareness, reach targeted consumers, and position your beverages as must-haves for a day on the water.  A dynamic, fully-integrated sponsorship with Bassmaster plus impactful, highly relevant programs will position Coca-Cola as the leading beverage choice.


Premier Sponsorship

Opportunities within your Premier Sponsorship:

  • Coca-Cola Bassmaster Rewards Program

  • Two Elite Event Title Sponsorships with Pro-Am's 

  • Title Sponsor of the Angler of the Year (AOY) program

  • B.A.S.S. Conservation Partner


 In 2020, Coca-Cola United joined as a Local Partner of the 2020 Bassmaster Classic.  With Coca-Cola North America, step up to Premier Sponsorship to increase the quality and frequency of Coca-Cola's exposure with Bassmaster, PLUS, enjoy premium exposure at the Classic in Ft. Worth.

Our Premier Sponsorship Includes …

Extensive promotion at all Bassmaster produced tournaments

  • Branding on site at all tournaments including Coca-Cola logo on weigh-in stage, exclusive to Premier Sponsors

  • Opportunity to activate at your choice of tournaments

  • Opportunity to sample product at many tournaments 



Marketing across Bassmaster assets and in event host markets to build your brand awareness and affinity with anglers nationwide

Robust media campaign across best-in-class Bassmaster media assets

  • Increase Coca-Cola's presence with our loyal audience




Branding in editorial coverage delivers unparalleled exposure and builds brand affinity; coverage carrying sponsor branding includes:


  • B.A.S.S. coverage of tournaments

    • Fox Sports (FOX, FS1)—60 hours of programming​​

    • Bassmaster LIVE on + FOX Sports GO (Classic and Elites)—234 hours of programming in 2021

    • tournament stories, blogs, galleries, videos, streaming weigh-ins—reaching over 9MM in 2020

    • Bassmaster, 2.7MM readers/issue

    • B.A.S.S. Times, 587K readers/issue

  • Third-party coverage (print/digital)

    • Generated by B.A.S.S. PR campaigns

    • Reporters/content creators at tournaments

  • PLUS…priority consideration in non-tournament editorial features in B.A.S.S. media

*Sources:, Adobe Analytics; Bassmaster, MRI Doublebase 2020; B.A.S.S. Times, publisher's estimate



Recognition as a Premier Sponsor in all B.A.S.S. marketing materials via logo on

  • Promotional ads in Bassmaster and B.A.S.S. Times

  • Editorial mastheads in Bassmaster and B.A.S.S. Times, every issue

  • Facebook sponsor page

  •—every page accessed via desktop

  • ePromos for tournament attendance

  • ePromos for Bassmaster LIVE shows

  • ePromos for upcoming shows on FOX Sports networks



Recognition as Premier Sponsor, in local print campaigns to drive attendance (ads/posters /signage)



On-site promotion at all tournaments reaches avid fans

  • Logo placement at event (drives branding in edit coverage—TV, streaming, online, print)

  • Coca-Cola logo billboards on FS1 and FOX live broadcasts​

  • Logo on weigh-in stage — exclusive to Premiers

  • Logo on signage (expo area/launch site) at all tournaments

  • (1) :30 spot/day on the JumboTron

  • On-stage mentions at all tournaments

sponsors on web.PNG
2020-02-08 15.38.20.jpg



Market to professional/competing anglers who influence purchase decisions

  • Angler Registration at tournament events

Activation at tournaments to market direct to consumers

  • Exhibit space (tent provided at Elites only); ability to display and promote products


Hospitality* to entertain important guests/VIPs/customers

  • VIP access to B.A.S.S. hospitality at select events (Classic and some Elites); could include:

    • VIP/Backstage tours

    • Angler meet and greet

    • Fish with a Pro outings


Custom hospitality in your key markets

  • Coordinated by B.A.S.S.; hospitality tent for your exclusive use at Weigh-in (light refreshments, backstage tours, Angler meet and greet)


*Some hospitality opportunities require additional fees; available on request.



  • Logo usage rights for advertising and marketing materials

  • No charge, and unlimited, video content from any of our LIVE coverage

  • Unlimited product entries into any of our new gear galleries


  • Custom research via the B.A.S.S. Council, 2,600 avid fans; assess the Council to gather industry or brand intelligence, test ad creative, and more


  • Sponsorship Analysis Report compiled by GumGum Sports, industry leader in tracking, analyzing and valuing sports and entertainment sponsorships



Sponsor the industry’s biggest event—EXCLUSIVE to Premier Sponsors


  • Coca-Cola logo prominently featured on stage jumbotron and signage delivers branding in streaming videos and photo galleries on

  • Coca-Cola logo prominently featured on stage jumbotron and signage  delivers branding in television coverage on FOX

  • Arena activation engages fans with the Coca-Cola brand

    • Check out Arena activation from other premier sponsors —

  • Prominent logo placement on signage throughout Expo

  • Premium booth space at the EXPO

  • Brand recognition on event marketing materials

  • Press materials/products at Media Day, usually over 300 outdoor writers

2020-02-08 15.40.07.jpg
  • Promotion and coverage in Bassmaster and B.A.S.S. Times magazines

  • (branding on site, photo galleries, stories)

  • Six (6) hours of LIVE weekend coverage on FS 1

  • LIVE stream coverage (24 hours over 4 days)

  • weigh-in streaming (10 hours over 4 days)

  • Coca-Cola will receive six (6) :30 second commercial spots (1 per hour) of all live linear broadcast hours of purchased event

  • Social media posts (FB, Twitter and Instagram) and eNewsletter

  • Event attend and TV tune-in eBlasts to 300K

  • Local media promotion and PR

  • Branding on stage (computer & podium) and trophy

  • Stage mentions, several times daily

  • :30 commercial on jumbo-tron

  • On stage give-a-ways at weigh-ins daily

  • 20’x20’ exhibit space with name on tent topper in expo area

  • PLUS, Coca-Cola will have 2 Pro-Am's that occur at these 2 Title Sponsored Events. 

  • Coca-Cola and Bassmaster will work together annually to determine which event should be for East/South Local Sales Center Revenue Leaders vs. West/Southwest Local Sales Center Revenue Leaders




32 Million+

Estimated Impressions per Elite Event*

Included within the Premier Sponsorship cost will be ownership of two (2):

*subject to availability at time of commitment




Year-long promotion of the race to Angler of the Year, as our elite anglers compete for this prestigious title through an accumulation of points throughout their season: 

  • In-show feature during Bassmaster Elite LIVE

  • 5-10 attendees and award presenter of the 2021 AOY at the 2022 Night of Champions Dinner

  • Coverage/updates throughout the year in Bassmaster and B.A.S.S. Times

  • Coverage/updates on AOY page and through all Elite Series and AOY update articles

  • AOY updates included in LIVE competition and weigh-in coverage

  • AOY updates via television broadcasts

  • Social media AOY updates



  • Check presentation to AOY points leaders at each Elite Series event

  • All Elite tournament press releases

  • Media guide distributed at Classic and throughout the year

  • Branded media across all platforms during the course of the season



  • Bassmaster will build Coca-Cola an Angler of the Year Sales Leaderboard for Local Sales Center that can live on the Coca-Cola or Bassmaster website.

  • Based on sales numbers, Bassmaster can update this in true time.

  • Bassmaster will also create a Coca-Cola “Drilling Down” sidebar in Bassmaster magazine which explores content in great detail specific to winning strategies.

  • Upon completion of each Title event that Coca-Cola sponsors, Bassmaster can build an advertorial to outline what occurred at each event.

  • Coca-Cola Angler of the Year patch and sticker will be included in every Elite anglers boat and jersey for the duration of the partnership.




Bassmaster would like to partner with Coca-Cola to highlight and reward top performing bottler's local sales center teams 

  • For these 2 Elite Title Sponsorships Coca-Cola will own a Pro-Am at both events where they can invite 40 Local Sales Center Revenue Leaders per event who will have an opportunity to fish with a Bassmaster Elite angler (2 Coca-Cola Sellers + 1 Bassmaster Elite Angler) in each boat.  

    • The teams will compete for a Bassmaster Elite Event Trophy at 2 Events as well as an opportunity to advance to a destination that only the top 10 Coca-Cola sales leaders will qualify for.

    • The top 10 Local Sales Center Revenue leader anglers will win a trip at the end of the year to one of Bassmaster’s Top 100 Lakes chosen by Bassmaster.

    • At this event, they will compete alongside the Top 5 Bassmaster Elite Anglers decided by AOY points at the end of the season.

    • The winning team at the Final Event will win Lifetime Bassmaster Memberships as well as the opportunity to fish with the 2021 Bassmaster Classic Champion at the end of the year.

    • The winners will also receive a complimentary trip and room and board provided by Coca-Cola & Bassmaster for the next year’s Bassmaster Classic.

  • Bassmaster will work with Coca-Cola to break up the country into 4 regions

    • North

    • South

    • Southwest

    • West

  • In order to qualify for the program, all Coca-Cola Local Sales Center eligible anglers and competitors should become Bassmaster members.


B.A.S.S. Conservation Partner

  • Partner with B.A.S.S. Conservation at our lake cleanups 

  • Promotion and partner recognition​​​​

    • Signage and recognition at cleanup​

    • Branding in press releases and coverage on and in B.A.S.S. Times magazine

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