The Bassmaster audience is all about getting better as an angler. For 2021, we’re excited to announce we’re launching a Redfish Cup … and we’re inviting your brand to partner with us on this new tournament initiative.  Potential inclusion can work in a variety of ways.


  • Timing: November 2021

  • Format: Three-day event, 6 teams each with a camera for LIVE coverage

  • Location: Port Aransas, TX

  • Promotion of tournament will include:

    • Redfish landing page on to host articles on redfishing​ 

      • Using a bass boat to go redfishing​

      • Custom content such as theultimate redfishing boat

    • LIVE coverage of all three days of the events

    • Blogs

    • BASSTrakk

  • 6 ​teams will compete from the following trails, 2 teams per trail

    • The Elite Redfish Series​

    • Power-Pole Pro Redfish Series

    • Redfish World Series

Digital Campaign to include:

  • SOV of Redfish banners

  • LIVE show billboards w audio mentions

  • :30 commercial spot every half hour

  • Run of Redfish tournament coverage

  • SOV of Redfish Blog, BASSTrakk