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April 8-11: Orange, Texas: 40,107 | New Elite Series attendance record!


3.7MM Unique Monthly Visitors and 86MM Total Page Views through April 


3.3MM combined readership Bassmaster and B.A.S.S. Times


Over 2MM Total Social Media Audience


2.75MM unique viewers have watched on FS1 or FS2 including re-airs through 6 Elite events



Bassmaster is pleased to offer Daiwa a Supporting Sponsorship deck streamlined to position your products as must-haves for success on the water.  


Supporting Level Sponsorship

Media Opportunities


Recap & Investment Summary


Increase brand awareness and sales via a Supporting Sponsorship of the Elite Series, Opens Series, B.A.S.S. Nation, Kayak, College Series, Team Championship, and High School series!

Via your Supporting Sponsorship, Daiwa will …

  • Increase brand awareness via tournament promotion and coverage in highly-valued Bassmaster and third-party media (magazines, newspapers, television, digital and social)


  • Increase consumer perception of your brand via top-tiered alignment with the Bassmaster brand 

  • Drive product trial and purchase through direct-to-consumer marketing opportunities including activation at your choice of any sponsored tournament series 

  • Increase Daiwa's presence with our loyal audience via a Robust media campaign across best-in-class Bassmaster media assets


Marketing across Bassmaster assets and in event host markets will build your brand awareness and affinity with anglers nationwide




Supporting Sponsor status delivers national brand awareness across media platforms, via your brand logo on:

  • Multiple event ads in Bassmaster and B.A.S.S. Times 

  • Sponsor recognition ads in every issue of Bassmaster and B.A.S.S. Times (1/3 page ad)

  • sponsor pages with link

  • Emails sent to B.A.S.S. members promoting tournament attendance and TV tune-in

Branding in editorial delivers valuable exposure and builds affinity

  • Sponsor recognition in all tournaments’ PR campaigns to local and national media


On-site promotion at all tournaments reaches avid anglers 

  • Logo on signage at tournament weigh-ins (5' fence banners at all tournaments)

  • On-stage mentions at all sponsored tournaments (2x daily)

Promotion at the Bassmaster Classic reaches engaged consumers at the industry’s premier event;  the Classic Outdoors EXPO is one of the largest consumer expo events in the industry

  • Sponsorship recognition, via logo, on some signage at EXPO

  • Opportunity to have a booth in premier location at EXPO


Content Opportunities

  • Sponsors have the opportunity to include more products in editorial galleries, like the ICAST New Products gallery

  • With your Supporting Sponsorship, Bassmaster editor James Hall will visit Japan and do a story on the Japanese Domestic Market for Bassmaster Magazine.​  Daiwa to host James Hall and cover travel expenses.

  • BASS will hold 5 boater positions in one of the last Opens of any division for Daiwa to enter anglers from Japan.  Anglers are responsible for entry fees.



Opportunity to activate at tournaments to market direct to consumers

  • Exhibit space (20x20); does not include Classic EXPO space

  • Ability to display and promote products within your expo space

    • Offer casting demonstrations on site at events​



Hospitality to entertain important guests/VIPs

More opportunities exclusive to sponsors

  • Tournament logo usage rights (Elite/Opens/B.A.S.S. Nation/Kayak/College/Team Championship/High School) and B.A.S.S. Shield for your advertising and marketing materials (all logos sans Classic)

  • Sponsorship Analysis Report compiled by GumGum Sports, industry leader in tracking, analyzing and valuing sports and entertainment sponsorships

  • Opportunity to reach B.A.S.S. membership with exclusive Daiwa offers such as "Buy a Tatula and get a Daiwa shirt"​​

    • 3rd party eblast​

    • Buck slips in new member package with offer

Supporting Sponsorship

Total estimated impressions: 487MM



Media Opportunities


Exclusive sponsorship of the Bassmaster Aerial Coverage provided by the DAIWA Drone for both Classic and Elites 

This in-show feature will air 6 times daily (3x in morning session + 3x in afternoon = 234 total spots) and include voiceover and logo branding

In-Show Feature





Custom Video Content:

A video series with Daiwa pros focusing on the specialty rods and reels that play into each angler's fishing strengths.

  • Technique-driven, how-to format

  • A lure presentation and demonstration using the rod designed for the specific specialty technique

  • Anglers explain how to choose a balanced rod-and-reel combo for the lure, lure weight and line test

    • Seth Feider: Offshore finesse [Signature hair jig rod, Ned rig, drop shot, Tokyo Rig, etc.

    • Cory Johnston: Offshore finesse [Ned rig, drop, Tokyo Rig, etc.]

    • Patrick Walters: Power fishing [flipping, pitching, cranking, frogging]

    • Buddy Gross: Power fishing [flipping, pitching, cranking, frogging]

    • Brandon Palaniuk: TBD [reels only]


  • Minimum 5 videos [one per angler]

  • Estimated run time about 3:00

  • Produced by JM Associates

  • Production schedule must be coordinated to coincide with Elte Series events

  • Produce during practice days only [due to tournament rules]


Bass_Live_No_Sponsor_BASSLive_Color.png LIVE covers the Classic and Elite tournaments in REAL time, catching the drama as it unfolds. It is broadcast coverage the way consumers demand — how, when and where they want it. 

  • Professionally produced by the same team that produces The Bassmasters for television

  • Streamed on and on Fox Sports digital platforms.

  • 6 hours of programming daily — 18 hours for Classic and 24 hours total per Elite tournament

Exclusive sponsorship of a 4 day Elite LIVE event 

  • :15 pre-roll

  • Linear + Live stream impressions: set/studio branding, bottom line branding via logo, audio/visual mentions

  • One :30 commercial per hour across all 9 Elite events (216 total :30 spots)

  • Ad banner impressions delivered throughout the Elite event season (ad served impressions)



September 30-October 3, 2021

4 Day Tournament 

8 College Anglers 

1 Bassmaster Classic Berth


The Top 8 College Anglers:

The 8 Anglers from the Top 4 College Series Teams compete for one coveted spot in the Bassmaster Classic 


Day 1: Seeding

Day 2:  Top 8

Day 3:  Top Four

Day 4:  Final Two

NEW for 2021

LIVE coverage of Day Two on FS1

(8 Anglers)


 Classic Bracket 


LIVE Coverage Sponsorship Includes:

  • Marketing Support:

    • Brand inclusion in the College Bracket LIVE logo​

    • Bassmaster and B.A.S.S. Times magazines "Watch" ad

    • College Bracket LIVE promotion via eNewsletter

    • ​Social media posts (FB, Twitter and Instagram)

  • FOX Sports:

    • Sponsorship of 4 Hours of LIVE coverage on FS1:

      • 6 :30 TV spots during FOX Sports 1 coverage 


    • Sponsorship of 18 hours College Bracket LIVE on

      • 100% SOV of Pre-roll​

      • Two :30 spots (or SPONSOR-supplied branded content video) per hour

      • Bottom-line ticker branding

      • Audio/visual mentions, branding (approximately 10x per day)

  • Digital Media Plan


​Note that all media elements are subject to change and availability at time of commitment

    Classic Bracket   



NEW FOR 2022 



Based off our High School All American, The College All American team will honor up to 20 students who excel in academics, community service, and fishing.


Presenting sponsor branding via logo and/or text mention:

  • In coverage, including Bassmaster, B.A.S.S. Times and

  • On All American jerseys awarded to up to 20 College All-American anglers

  • On trophies

  • In all press releases 

  • Branding on signage at dinner banquet

  • Sponsor to host banquet to educate attendees about your brand and distribute gift cards to anglers to drive website traffic

  • Anglers invited to an Elite Series tournament where they will take part in a Pro-Am with an Elite Series angler


Social media to support your sponsorship

  • Instagram posts (Presented by Daiwa)

    • One for each All American

    • Personality pieces what inspires them, other activities they’re involved in (community, sports, etc.)




supporting SPONSORSHIP

Classic Expo


Premier Sponsorship



























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