Sources: Nielsen, Adobe Analytics 2019; Social Media through April 2020; MRI Doublebase 2019, Brightcove 2019 (video plays, minutes)




Sponsorship of  — Classic, Elites, Opens, Nation, Team, College and THE OFFICIAL BEER of Bassmaster!

  • Premium Sponsor Recognition

  • Logo in Bassmaster and B.A.S.S. Times magazines; on edit masthead in every issue

  • Year-round logo ID on Bassmaster.com pages

  • Primary recognition in marketing

Classic Sponsorship — exclusive to Premiers

  • Logo inclusion at event (launch & weigh-in), Expo and in promotion/marketing materials — national and local

  • TV branding: Billboard in Classic broadcasts

  • Rights to use B.A.S.S. marks, including Bassmaster Classic, in marketing and promotions


Key Benefits for Other Tournaments (Elites, Opens, Nation, Team, College, High School)

  • Billboards in ESPN2 Elite coverage (and re-airs on ESPN Classic)

  • Logo ID on weigh-in stages which increases brand exposure in all broadcast

    • TV for Elites (ESPN2, ESPN Classic and Pursuit) and College and High School (ESPNU)

    • Streaming of weigh-in across tournament series

Opportunity to activate at all, or your choice of, tournaments

  • Expo space complimentary at all tournaments except Classic.


Custom Research

  • Survey B.A.S.S. Council, our panel of 2,600 anglers, to gain valuable product and industry insights (1x annually per Premier Sponsor)

  • Event hospitality to entertain important guests/VIPs

  • B.A.S.S. logo usage rights for marketing and promotions

Premier Investment:  $800,000 net

Includes media and sponsorship fee ($550K media/$250K fee)

Total estimated impressions: 703MM



Exposure across media platforms, via your brand logo on:

  • Multiple event ads in Bassmaster and B.A.S.S. Times magazines

  • Sponsor recognition ads in every issue of Bassmaster and B.A.S.S. Times

  • Bassmaster.com sponsor pages

  • Emails to B.A.S.S. members


​On-site promotion (signage, stage recognition) at all tournaments

  • 148K attended 2019 Elite, Nation, Team and High School events

  • On-site promotion via Expo signage at the Bassmaster Classic

  • 153K attended the 2019 Classic


​Access to the B.A.S.S. member mailing list, 300K per year

Opportunity to activate at all, or your choice of, tournaments


  • Hospitality to entertain important guests/VIPs

  • Logo usage rights (Bassmaster, Elites, Nation, Team, High School)

  • Annual sponsorship analysis report 

Supporting Investment:  $450,000 net

Includes media and sponsorship fee ($300K media/$150K fee)

Total estimated impressions: 487MM


Branding on tournament promotion

  • Your logo incorporated into the event logo as “Bassmaster Classic presented by Busch” will appear in Bassmaster and B.A.S.S. Times magazines, on Bassmaster.com, Facebook and in local media promotion (TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, and Digital)

  • PLUS, additional viral promotion through partner & angler marketing

Branding in event coverage in hundreds of stories across the country

  • Editorial text and audio impressions in event coverage in television (ESPN2 & ESPN Classic), online (including LIVE and WEM — branding on EVERY page on Bassmaster.com), social media and B.A.S.S. print

  • Busch will be included in the B.A.S.S. PR campaign to 1,000 outlets

Arena branding and activation

  • :30 spot on jumbotron (multiple times daily)

  • Branding on stage (jumbotron, podium)

  • Custom crowd activation 

Branding throughout venue

  • 30’x 40’  premium booth space (1,200 sq. ft.) in the sponsor area of the Expo

  • ID on signage at launch, Expo and Weigh-in

  • On event collateral, e.g., Classic Night Invites, hotel key cards and MORE

Classic Presenting Sponsor Investment: $300,000 net

Includes media and sponsorship fee ($175K media/$125K fee)

Total estimated impressions: 314MM



  • Promotion and coverage in Bassmaster and B.A.S.S. Times magazines

  • Bassmaster.com (branding on WEM, photo galleries, stories)

  • Bassmaster.com and ESPN app LIVE stream coverage (24 hours over 4 days)

  • Bassmaster.com weigh-in streaming (10 hours over 4 days)

  • Elite episode on ESPN2 and ESPN Classic (2 to 4 total airings, depending on which event you sponsor), includes logo graphics and audio mentions

  • Social media posts (FB, Twitter and Instagram) and eNewsletter

  • Event attend and TV tune-in eBlasts to 300K

  • Local media promotion and PR

  • Branding on stage (computer & podium) and trophy

  • Stage mentions, several times daily

  • :30 commercial on jumbotron

  • 20’x20’ exhibit space with name on tent topper in expo area

Elite Event TITLE Sponsorship: $150,000 net

Includes media and sponsorship fee ($75K media/$75K fee)

Total estimated impressions: 314MM

  • Primary branding in coverage and promotion delivers 32MM+ impressions (estimated)

  • Become the Title sponsor for 2 or more Elites in 2020 to earn the following pricing structure:

    • 2 Titles: $275K

    • 3 Titles: $400K

    • 4 Titles: $500K

  • Opportunity to host a Pro-Am run by the B.A.S.S. Team



“Ownership” of our B.A.S.S. Nation series is an opportunity to align the

Busch brand with:

  • 1,200 clubs

  • 20,000 members in 47 states & 11 countries


Branding via text or series logo in tournament coverage:

  • Bassmaster.com tournament pages

  • B.A.S.S. Times Magazine

  • Social media posts on Facebook and Twitter

Branding via series logo in event promotion:

  • Bassmaster.com

  • B.A.S.S. Times and/or Bassmaster magazines

Branding on site at B.A.S.S.-run tournaments

  • ID on signage on stage center panel (seen in photo galleries and streaming video)

  • Stage mentions, several times daily

  • Custom trophy with your name in logo, presented to winner

  • Tournament banner to state organizations for local events

  • Opportunity to sell products and promote your brand at events via 20x20 space



  • Opportunity to use B.A.S.S. Nation tournament logo in your marketing materials

  • Opportunity to activate at angler registration (give away promo items, discounts, etc.)

B.A.S.S. Nation Title Sponsor Investment: $100,000 net

Includes media and sponsorship fee ($60K media/$40K fee)

Total estimated impressions: 30MM



In 2021, Bassmaster will launch #GOFISH on Bassmaster.com.  This section will focus primarily on lifestyle, behind the scenes, tutorials and ways to have fun while being outside. Busch will have ownership of this space.


Bassmaster will brand the page skins within the section specific to Busch and we’ll also incorporate social promotion and activation through #GOFISH & #Buschhhh

Similar to how Bassmaster recently launched #FishSmart, we’ll have this section included in the homepage drop downs with exposure coming from PROS, FANS and more. 


GOFISH with Busch


Enter for a chance to win the Ultimate Busch Bassmaster bass boat! We’ll outfit one lucky angler with a year-long supply of Busch and their very own Busch wrapped bass boat.


  • Coverage of sweeps and winner in Bassmaster magazine and on Bassmaster.com

  • Sweeps promotion via Bassmaster assets including eBlast, magazine ads, sweeps entry site on Bassmaster.com, web banners and The Bassmasters TV programs

  • Partner recognition on press releases announcing program and sweeps winner

  • Email database of entries

Estimated entrants: 80K

Estimated impressions: 60MM

Partner must provide product as prize for sweeps (shipped to winner at partner’s expense)



4.5MM Readers


250+ hours of Classic, Elite & College programming


14MM Average Monthly Page Views